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Church Plant

These are churches planted through a local pastor who is fluent in the language, and can live comfortably in the culture of the people to whom he ministers. The cost to support this type of church ranges from $1200 to $6000 depending on the zone.  We support this pastor for twelve months as he builds his congregation and the church becomes self-sustaining.  Many of these churches multiply into more church plants as disciples are trained. 

Strategic Church

This is a large model church that is planted with a team in one of the world’s 300 megacities, where the population exceeds 1 million. The goal for every Strategic Church is 1,000 members within five years, and to become a training center for new workers to evangelize a region. The cost to fund a Strategic Church is $100,000 which will support the church’s launch team and help secure adequate facilities and equipment as it grows.

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Pray For Churches & Pastors

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