Donating to the Surge Project

What happens when I fund a church?

Right after you launch a church planter through our website the following sequence begins:

  • Immediately – The Surge Project operations team is notified by email and ensure payment is properly recorded and captured.
  • 30 Days – The planter’s sending leader is notified and funds are transferred to him to distribute.
  • 60 Days – The sending leader gives 50% of your donation to the planter to begin his church plant.
  • 6 Months – The church planter submits a report on his progress and receives the second half of the funds. If we are able, we send you the progress report.

How is my gift recognized?

One to two months following your gift, you will receive a church plant certificate in the mail. You will also receive an 8×10 photo that will either have a picture of the pastor you supported (if it’s high quality enough and not confidential) or a landscape image from the region the church will be in.

8 x 10 Plant Photo
8.5 x 11 Certificate

Will there be opportunities to connect with my plant?

The truthful answer is: it depends. If have planted a pastor in a hostile area, their confidentiality is very important. You will likely receive general updates from the region as we get information from our directors in the field. In other underdeveloped areas, our pastors do not have cell or internet connectivity to effectively get updates from the field. However, we will be very intentional about getting you as much information as we possibly can.

Surge Project Map

We are developing a map that will eventually show all of our church planters with their contact information making it easier than ever to stay connected to your pastor.

What else can I do to help my plant?

If you would like to further support the success of your church plant, there are several things you can do.

Used Cell Phone

Cell phones are the most valuable tool for our planters. It’s the way they communicate with their sending leader, take pictures, and capture video for to send for updates. Many have outdated, inadequate phones and would be thrilled to have the smartphone you recently upgraded from.


  • Must be unlocked so that they can use their own SIM card / provider.
  • Needs a charging cable with it.
  • No cracked screens and in good working condition.

Encouraging Notes

Email [email protected] with any encouraging note that we can forward to your pastor. It can become lonely and challenging when starting a new church in remote areas and hearing that you are praying for them would be very encouraging!

If you have questions on any of this, contact us!