In 2006, Surge Project partnered with Pastor Gilberto and the Four Square church in Honduras.  Their vision was to plant 50 churches in 10 years and through Surge we met their goal in under 3 years.  So far, over 400 churches have been planted in partnership with Pastor Gilberto throughout Honduras and Central America.

Surge Project Region:
Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean

Quick Stats:

  • Over 200 Million People
  • 21 sovereign states, 17 dependent territories.
  • Predominant languages: Spanish, French, Dutch, Antillean creole, (along with many native dialects)

The Story of Gilberta Meija

Surge Project partners with incredible apostolic leaders all around the world.  Gilberto Mejia is one of them.

“I met the Lord at age 18 and began working in ministry at a prison as a pastor for 13 years. In 2000 we settled in San Pedro Sula and in 2006 began partnering with Surge Project in planting churches. We developed the model of permanent pastoral training that has proven more effective and has brought tremendous growth.  I serve with my wife Fanny and my children Joel, Fanny, Oscar and Stephen.”
– Gilberto Meija

Church Planting Process 

Surge Project, along with Pastor Gilberto, developed an application method for every potential church planter that gives each pastor the training, tools, and oversight to reach their community.

  • Each church planter has gone through a training process through their own denomination or our church planters school in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.
  • Each pastor must develop a church planting plan which includes timeframe, methods of outreach, launch team, location and finances.
  • Every pastor  must lay out a weekly schedule of their activities and outreaches to reach adults, youth and children.
  • Apostolic leaders provide oversight on their progress, family, finances, and spiritual well being.

So far, over 400 churches have been planted in partnership with Pastor Gilberto throughout Honduras and Central America.  One of these church plants started through Pastor Jary.  Pastor Jary planted a Surge church in Tocoa, Colon in 2005.  Through hard work and a great vision, the church has grown tremendously and has now planted 4 new churches in the surrounding towns with hundreds of people in attendance.

Prayer Points for Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean.

  1. For qualified leaders to launch 100 churches and 2 strategic churches over the next 12 months.
  2. Protection and favor for our pastors.  Portions of this region experience intense persecution and/or criminal threats.
  3. For truth, mercy and knowledge of God.
  4. For God to impact every person participating in the many short-term mission trips that go to this region.
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