Peru-Alex Javier Cruz


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I am the third and last child of my family, but unfortunately my parents separated when I was three years old, and my mother was responsible for raising me and my brothers. She taught me and I helped her work. At sixteen years old I met some supposed friends who led me down the wrong path, and I turned to the vice of drugs and crime. I lived for several years, causing much pain and tears to my mother. I did not care about anything. I remember that one day some people came to my house and they looked for me to kill me and they did not find me. I lived in anguish, in that same year a man came from God and gave me a powerful word that changed my mind and revolutionized my life. “The truth will make us free “and from that moment I shed my tears and received my Lord as my only and sufficient Savior; I was a totally changed. I surrendered myself fully to the search and service of God. God allowed me to marry a woman with a call to ministry and is a good help to me. God put in my heart a fervent passion for the missions. God every day showed me the spiritual need around me, until God confirmed my call using my pastors and we were sent with my family to the city of Piura.