Something, Honduras is the center of a population of approximately 600,000.00 inhabitants across 5 Provinces and 6 Districts.


March 12 – 23

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Trip Overview

Pucallpa is a prime location to plant a strategic church. It has a sizable population that can effectively support a large church (comparable to those in area) and full-time staff. The city is also neighbor to hundreds of indigenous tribes accessible by a nearby river.


March 12
Arrive at San Pedro Sula airport by 2pm
Dinner in San Jan

March 13
Ministry in San Jan village

March 14
Serve project
Evening service

March 15
Touring San Jan city
Meet Surge Project leaders and planting pastors

March 16
Depart from San Pedro Sula by 2pm



James Pursifull

Central America Regional Director
15 Years Experience


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