Our Approach

We only plant churches.

The Surge Project is focused exclusively on planting reproducing churches that start Christian communities and train disciples across the globe. We are thankful for the work of other needs-based initiatives that tackle issues like orphan care, water wells, and medical aid. Our network of local churches is helpful in providing these causes the Kingdom infrastructure and network necessary to accomplish their vision.

Fellowship with all, partner with some, build on sons.

We aren’t affiliated with any denomination and are allies to anyone spreading the gospel of the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross (“fellowship with all”). Sometimes, we help fund pastors planting through trusted leaders and denominations (“partner with some”). For example, we partner with a prominent denomination in Ghana and another in South America to launch their planting pastors. Ultimately, we build our network on spiritual sons. A spiritual son is a faithful believer that has been discipled by a trusted pastor at one of our existing church plants. This is how churches reproduce and multiply!

Global reach.

We have a presence in nearly 143 countries and are actively planting in nearly every corner of the world. Instead of targeting locations on a map to launch plants in, the planting process is far more organic and is heavily dictated by the desire of the planting pastor. We trust the Holy Spirit to stir the right planter for a ripe area.

Our “Top 25” most active countries are currently:

ChinaIndiaLiberiaIvory Coast
EcuadorCentral African RepublicColombiaGhana

Two types of plants.

On average, out of every 100 churches we plant, 99 are Significant churches in rural areas which make up the vast majority of our work and 1 is a Strategic church established in highly-populated urban area.

1. Small “Significant” Plants

These are churches planted through a local pastor who is fluent in the language and can live comfortably in the culture of the people to whom he ministers. The cost to support this type of church ranges from $1200 to $6000 depending on the region. Support for the pastor covers the first year as he builds his congregation for the church to become self-sustaining or as he establishes a small business for bi-vocational income.  Typically, this church plants in a village or small town ranging in size of 100 – 5,000 people. The pastor’s goal is to quickly start a Christian community and lead a regular small group gathering that grows into a sizable, permanent congregation.

2. Large “Strategic” Plants

Strategic churches are larger, model churches that plant with a team in a densely populated city, where the population exceeds 1 million. The goal for every Strategic Church is 1,000 members within the first five years, and to become a training center for new pastors to plant in the surrounding region. The cost to fund a Strategic Church ranges between $50,000 – $100,000 which will support the church’s launch team and help secure adequate facilities and equipment to launch with a physical presence. These churches are started by pastors with a proven record of church-planting success and that have a close relationship with one of the Surge Regional Directors.

Training nationals.

We are incredibly thankful for the work of foreign missionaries and recognize the needed contribution they make worldwide. At The Surge Project, our strategy is to train nationals to plant in their home countries. We have observed a higher success rate and greater longevity using locals largely due to being free from the barrier of language and cultural differences.

Low operating costs.

Our team is very lean and our operating expenses are covered entirely by our closest partner, Bethany Church in Baton Rouge–where our founder, Larry Stockstill, was the lead pastor for three decades.

This means we can promise our donor partners that…


of your gift goes to the field when you fund a church plant.

It can only happen with your help!

If every person on earth stood in a line, it would wrap the earth 39 times. Together, we can reach them.

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