What You Need To Know

What are the requirements to join the global Surge network?

The Surge Project is built on trusted relationships. We only plant churches through leaders we have verified. Any planter we fund must:

  • Align with our theology
  • Operate with the highest level of character and integrity
  • Steward finances well
  • Be submitted to spiritual authority

If a planter meets our criteria, they must be in relationship with and endorsed by the overseeing leader we have in the region.

How do I connect with the nearest Surge leader?

We host informationals in each region of the world to give church planters the ability to connect with our local leaders and learn more about planting a church through Surge. When you submit the form below, we will give you information about the date and location of the informational meeting closest to you.

If approved, how long does it take to receive funds?

Because we only plant with those we have a strong overseeing relationship with, it takes time before you can begin receiving funds from Surge to plant churches. I would prepare for the process to take between one year at the quickest and up to three years in some cases. The process typically looks like this:

  1. Attend a Surge informational
  2. Meet individually with the Surge leader in your area
  3. Complete Surge-provided church plant training
  4. Submit required information related to your church plant

After information has been submitted, we make your church plant eligible for funding to our donors. When a donor plants your church, we will release the funds to your Surge leader to distribute to you.

Ready to take the first step?

Click below to submit your information to us and we will email you instructions and an invitation to the next Surge informational happening in your area.

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