We partner with leaders that train, plant, and oversee multiple churches and pastors.

Currently, we are looking to partner with leaders that oversee and plant multiple churches. At this time, we are not able to assist pastors individually planting a single church. All of our church planting efforts happen through a network of Sending Leaders that train and send multiple church planters.

What are the requirements to join the global Surge network?

The Surge Project is built on trusted relationships. We only plant churches through leaders we have evaluated well. We call these leaders Sending Leaders. To be eligible to become a Surge Project Sending Leader, you must:

  • Plant at least 5 new churches every year. House church gatherings qualify as a church.
  • Align with our theology
  • Operate with the highest level of character and integrity
  • Steward finances well
  • Be submitted to spiritual authority
  • Communicate well: responsive to emails, texts, calls and be a proficient English-speaker

If you meet this criteria, we would love to talk to you!

What are the benefits of being a Sending Leader?

Our organization offers church-planting leaders relationship & resources. Benefits include:

  • Between $1,500 – $6,000 (depending on the country you operate in) to financially assist each of the churches you help plant.
  • Local 3-day church planter training workshops to equip all of your pastors.
  • Connection to other worldwide and world-class church planting leaders!

What is the process to become a Sending Leader?

If you meet the above requirements, we will have a 30-minute introduction call to give you an overview of the Surge Project and learn more about your work. One of the team members at our headquarters will host this video call. If we both feel like it’s a good fit, we will recommend that the Regional Director that oversees the region of the world you work in reaches out to begin a relationship with you since you would be working directly with and under that Regional Director’s leadership.

How long does it take to begin receiving funds?

Because we only plant with those we have a strong relationship with, it can take time before you can begin receiving funds from us to plant churches. The process typically takes 6 months to 1 year.

Once you have been approved as a Sending Leader, you can begin submitting pastor profiles to us to fund. We will put those profiles on our website for our donors see. When a donor selects that church to fund, we will send you the funds to distribute to the individual church planter.

Ready to take the first step?

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