Dear Surge friends,

I was in Williamstown, Kentucky 2 months ago viewing the phenomenal “Ark Encounter.”  It is a LIFE-SIZED replica of Noah’s Ark!  5 levels, 510 feet long, filled with exhibits that will rock your world!

Over and over, the word “legacy” kept coming to me.  I fought back tears as I walked floor to floor.  I was thinking about how one man could build something specifically for the next generation:  “HIS generation.”

What is your legacy?  David built a temple.  Noah built an Ark.  Paul built SONS.

Purpose” is when you search for “meaning” more than “money.”  Your life becomes focused down to one mission, one “Why.”  Noah became totally focused on building this boat that would mean the continuation of the human race.

Covenant is “commitment” over “convenience.”  Noah made a covenant with God, a solid, lifetime commitment to serve the Lord.   No covenant, no legacy.

Investment is “generations” over “gratification.” You can spend money or invest money. Invest in things that will last after you are in heaven.

Surge is about all three of these. 

Our “purpose” is to plant churches in every nation of the world.  We have been able to plant 700 churches just in the first nine months of this year!  Our goal is to plant 1000 churches this year.

Surge is also about “covenant.”  We are in covenant relationship with partners and leaders worldwide.  This network of great partners has been developed over 15 years and is a tremendous asset.

Finally, Surge is about “investment.”  We are investing in the next generation in China…Brazil…Moldova…Mozambique…Russia…India…Indonesia…and the list goes on.

If you would like a brief overview of the churches planted in 2016, and the current opportunities for future church plants, download this PDF.

Update on Cuba Church

Last month, our Surge “strategic church” launched in HAVANA, Cuba. 640 people were present and 200 were saved!

One businessman gave the seed money for this powerful church that has the potential to change a nation.


Tribute to Rick King

In closing, I would like to pay tribute to Bro. Rick King, one of our Surge Advisory Team.  Rick was taken to be with the Lord suddenly in recent days.  He was a faithful leader and businessman at Bethany.

He and his wife invested heavily in Surge worldwide.  He has a “legacy” that will go forward into eternity with him.

Blessings on you, and join us in prayer for the last two months of this year to be our best ever!

Larry Stockstill
Director, Surge Project


About the author

This story was written by Larry Stockstill, the Director of Surge Project and former Pastor of Bethany Church.

Pastor Larry served as senior pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center for 28 years growing the church to 7,000 members and giving $63 million to missions. In 2001, Pastor Larry launched the Surge Project with the desire to see churches planted more effectively. More about Larry Stockstill.

Go to larrystockstill.com where Ps. Larry writes a weekly blog on how to become a long term leader.