Christmas really is all about Jesus, his arrival to earth, with a mission to seek and save the lost.  What better time in the year is there be to be planting churches and helping accomplish that very mission.

You have been a huge blessing this year to Surge Project through prayer and giving.  We have planted almost 800 churches this year and are still believing to plant a total of 1000 churches before the new year.

Take a few minutes to watch this video of Ps. Leopoldo from Bolivia.  He is a Surge Project pastor who survived a bus accident that involved falling off the side of a mountain.  He not only survived but has seen God open incredible doors because of it.

Ps. Leopoldo’s life was not only saved from this deadly accident, but he now has an open door with the Bolivian military. He has also planted over 7 churches and has trained up 17 new pastors.

Enjoy this amazing testimony, have a Merry Christmas, and maybe even consider planting a church!

The Surge Project Director, Larry Stockstill, also prepared a special Christmas message for you all. Enjoy!