Surge Family,

It is with a heavy heart that I share with you the news of the sudden passing of our dear Gregory Bangura a few short days ago. Gregory was our Regional Director in West Africa. But more than that, he was an amazing leader, cherished friend, devoted husband, and prolific church planter. Gregory helped plant 144 churches just in 2018 alone.

Africa will never be the same because of him, and it will not be the same without him. Hundreds and hundreds of new churches now exist and new souls will eventually join him in Heaven because of his efforts. He is receiving his reward now and meeting the One he so faithfully served for so many years.

Please grieve and pray with us. And also pray for his wife, Agnes. Our work in West Africa will not stop. In fact, because of Gregory’s work, we are confident a surplus of capable leaders will emerge.

We will continue to honor his memory and share stories with you in tribute to what he was able to accomplish. Gregory left a legacy that lives on.

Death lost again and Jesus won.

We love you, Gregory.

– Larry Stockstill (Founder & Executive Director)