I’ve been the Founder and Executive Director of the Surge Project for almost 20 years now. Throughout those years, the Lord has helped us plant thousands and thousands of churches. He has already been so faithful, and yet the momentum continues to grow.

We have some very exciting news to begin this decade. This will be the first time many of you hear this announcement. I am excited to share that my son, Joel, will be stepping in to lead the Surge Project in my place as the new Executive Director.

Joel has a burden on his heart for church planting and a big vision for the growth of Surge. Having him step into this position thrills me beyond my wildest dreams. I feel the peace of the Lord in this decision.

What will my role in the organization be moving forward? Joel and I sat down to discuss that and much more in this very special 15 minute interview. Please take some time to watch it now and hear our hearts for what’s ahead:

I love what Joel says in our conversation, “the Great Commission was not the Great Suggestion”. We are called to spread the Gospel to every tribe and nation, and YOU are helping make that happen through your prayers and support.

As we move forward, you will begin to hear more from Joel. And you’re really going to love his fresh direction. Please come alongside us in prayer for him as he steps into this new position of leadership. And continue to pray for our global Surge teams.

We love you and we are so thankful for you.

-Larry Stockstill