We can’t tell you about every single amazing Surge pastor that we plant, but I can highlight one occasionally. Today, meet Pastor Marolahy who was funded and launched about six months ago…

After praying about where he should plant churches, Ps. Marolahy moved far away from his home village in Madagascar. He walked two days into the deep rainforest to reach the Pangalane canal where he traveled by boat for two more days down the river.

He finally reached the village of Nosy-Varika after another days’ walk and quickly began evangelizing. A village family opened their home and let Pastor Marolahy stay there. A small weekly Bible study he started grew so quickly that he is now looking for a bigger place! Lives are being transformed. Many sick are being healed, adopting God’s Word, and leaving traditional religions and witchcraft behind.

Ps. Marolahy has now started, not just one, but three church gatherings in different villages of the district. The gathering in the village where he resides has grown to 120 people.

Please pray for Ps. Marolahy’s family who will be moving in the Nosy-Varika district. They started a small rice and coffee plantation, and chicken farm. He is also looking for land to build a church.

His story is amazing, but not unusual. It’s very similar to so many of the other churches that friends like you help launch every day. We have over 100 pastors like Ps. Marolahy ready to go plant a church somewhere in the world.