Ready to go on a Surge Project mission trip around the world…on us?! There is nothing quite like seeing other nations and people groups worship Jesus. The family of God transcends racial, economic, and political barriers and unifies us as the Church.

You won’t need to pack any bags or get a visa for this one. Instead of taking you around the world, we are bringing the world to you!

The World Missions Experience is a completely immersive virtual reality presentation that takes you across five nations to witness the work of global Surge pastors. The adventure lasts about 10 minutes and is action-packed from start to finish.

You will be led through the countries of Nepal, Niger, Indonesia, Madagascar, and Sierra Leone as if you were traveling there yourself. Some of the first-hand accounts include:

  • Interacting with international children experiencing the gospel

  • Witnessing the baptism of new believers like you never have before

  • Seeing what church is like in small villages

  • Participating in worship services few others will ever see

The World Missions Experience releases today! We invite you to watch the trailer below now.

Your support has enabled the Gospel to be taken to the world and now I can’t wait to bring The World Missions Experience to you!