Strategic Church Opportunity

Islamabad, Pakistan

Most of the churches we plant are in small, rural towns and villages. Strategic churches are churches we plant in larger cities in a region. They help us reach a larger group of people, establish a presence in an area, and develop a hub to send village churches to smaller surrounding communities.

The cost to plant a strategic church is much higher because we purchase property, necessary equipment, and fund the pastor’s full-time salary in an area that is more expensive than a small village. These strategic churches are a vital component to the Surge Project strategy and an amazing opportunity for donor partners looking to make a larger investment.


The name of the city is derived from two words, Islam and abaad, meaning “City of Islam”. Islamabad has a population of over 1 million inhabitants and is the capital city of Pakistan.


The above video and photo are of a Surge village church plant just completed among the Marwari, an Unreached People group in South East Pakistan. It is fully self-supporting. A Surge Strategic Church plant in Islamabad that is now in its third year initiated and oversaw this work.

Pastored by Shoukat Siddique, the Islamabad church has grown to nearly 500 adults and is already proving to be an important church-planting center. They are meeting in a rented building that they must vacate by the end of 2018. This congregation purchased a large piece of property in 2016 and we are partnering with them to build our second 1,500 capacity building in Islamabad.

This second Islamabad congregation has followed a growth trajectory similar to our first Strategic Church plant in Islamabad, which has now grown to over 1,500 adult members. The Pakistani Christians are generous and will partner in this building project with labor and finances, but their resources are limited. They have pledged to contribute $20,000. As with our first building, we will construct a steel and concrete earthquake-resistant structure that will allow future additions.


Lead Pastor

Shoukat Siddique

Reference from South Asia Regional Director:

The pastor of this second Strategic Church, Shoukat Siddique, was part of the leadership team on our first plant, and he has proven himself a capable and dependable leader. I’ve worked with him for ten years. He and his wife, Angelina, have three children. Their marriage is solid, and they have proven their trustworthiness and character. Prior to pastoring, Shoukat managed a computer supply and tech service. He is debt free and manages his personal life well. He has very strong English language skills and a good reputation in the community.

Project Funding Needs



Total Remaining – $90,000

($15k minimum)

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We accept partial funding and multiple partners! Committing the full amount is not required. However, the minimum Strategic Church Donor Commitment is $15k due to the level of involvement required to effectively facilitate a strategic church donor relationship.