Strategic Church Opportunity

Pucallpa, Peru

Most of the churches we plant are in small, rural towns and villages. Strategic churches are churches we plant in larger cities in a region. They help us reach a larger group of people, establish a presence in an area, and develop a hub to send village churches to smaller surrounding communities.

The cost to plant a strategic church is much higher because we purchase property, necessary equipment, and fund the pastor’s full-time salary in an area that is more expensive than a small village. These strategic churches are a vital component to the Surge Project strategy and an amazing opportunity for donor partners looking to make a larger investment.


Pucallpa, Peru is the center of a population of approximately 600,000.00 inhabitants across 5 Provinces and 6 Districts.


Pucallpa is a prime location to plant a strategic church. It has a sizable population that can effectively support a large church (comparable to those in area) and full-time staff. The city is also neighbor to hundreds of indigenous tribes accessible by a nearby river.

The plant will develop an institute to train leaders and pastors. The long-term vision is to plant several jungle village churches in the Ucayali river areas out of the Pucallpa plant which will function as a sending hub.


Lead Pastor

Lorgio Campaign Boyer

“18 years ago I heard for the first time about the Lord Jesus Christ, I gave him my life and from that moment. I experienced the power of God who restored my life and that of my family, since then I fell in love with him and his word. He gave me love for lost souls and I have not stopped preaching the gospel by bringing many people to know Jesus Christ. I have been working with the vision of the church where I was formed, preparing leaders to serve the Lord. At the same time I started my theological preparation at the Bible Institute which I finished. About a year and a half ago that I no longer work secularly as a member of the national police and devoted myself full time in the service of the work of our Lord Jesus Christ. With the missionary spirit that God put in my heart and after a time of prayer I received the confirmation from the Lord to go to the Department of Ucayali-Peru in order to plant a strategic and missionary church, I moved to this city along with my family to fulfill the Lord’s purpose in the extension of his kingdom. We are currently developing evangelism house by house, winning souls and discipling them to affirm them in the way of the Lord.”

Project Funding Needs





Lead Pastor – Lorgio Campaign Boyer



600 square meters



Sound – Mic, equalizers, speakers



Instruments – Keyboard






Tech – Laptop



Chairs – Plastic / stackable



Evangelistic outreaches



Brick walls, iron columns,, flooring



Roofing with wood slats and calamine



Wooden, engine-powered boat with capacity for 20 people




Total Remaining – $22,904

($15k minimum)

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We accept partial funding and multiple partners! Committing the full amount is not required. However, the minimum Strategic Church Donor Commitment is $25k due to the level of involvement required to effectively facilitate a strategic church donor relationship.