Rick King

Business Man
Years partnering: 6 years

As a businessman, I am unable to be a full-time missionary. Surge honors other cultures and plants local ministers to reach their people. Through Surge, I can partner with local pastors and reach the world for Christ.


Don Calvin

Years partnering: 5 years

The direct support of church planters is an amazingly efficient means of making disciples and produces fruit almost immediately. It is hard to imagine a more satisfying way to fulfill the great commission.


Mitch & Dana Garlington

Business Man
Years partnering: 5 years

We have found no better organization to sow into. Surge is present when and where we cannot be.


Pastor David Weir

Sr. Pastor of Victory Church
Years partnering: 3 years

Planting churches through Surge has given our church a new powerful vision for global missions. We can see the impact we are making for the gospel around the world and our influence as a local church is growing as we plant more and more churches.


Pastor Van Ducote

Sr. Pastor of Northwood Church
Years partnering: 16 years

As a local church it is impossible for us to accomplish our global mandate without a friend like Surge.  They have helped us get the most results out of our missions dollars which is a big win for us.  I would say if you want to be effective and efficient in impacting your world, a partnership with Surge will put you far ahead of the curve.


Pastor Ben Davis

Sr. Pastor of Abundant Life Church
Years partnering: 4 years

The vision to support and equip nationals to plant churches in their own countries has become part of our church’s DNA for missions. We believe in the vision, support the vision, and love to advertise the vision as the most efficient way to spread the gospel all over the world.